hi… been a while right?August 21, 2010


I know it has been a while since I posted but man, I am so busy, and when choosing between spending the last few moments of the day blogging or snuggling with my family, I tend to choose them. I know, I know it is “bad for business” but what about being bad for me? Is the time spent on Twitter, Facebook and my amazingly awesome blog (if I do say so myself) more important than the time I spent on my family? … on myself? Sometimes I feel like I fight the urge to be both a great and all powerful business woman and artist or a stay at home mom tending to my garden, turning our house into a home, a pretty home, and playing dress up with my kids.

I have a ton to share, please bear with me as I get through the piles and the giggles and the weeds. I have a tea party to plan.

In the meantime enjoy this amazing little poem and video. Made me cry a little, smile a little and think a lot.

thanks for letting me share.


  1. Robyn Kessler { Aug 22, 2010 } Reply

    awe- I love that.
    I have new resolve to learn to play the harmonica :)

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