three reasons I heart Maria & Bryan…October 20, 2009

1. she has what I like to call Disney eyes. Huge, beautiful, Italian eyes. From the first day I met her I wanted to photograph those eyes!

2. he is a fan of photography. You cannot beat that. He had total trust and excitement when it came time for pictures!

3. they are in love. They have been since they were very young. A true reminder of the crazy journey life takes us on and how if we are meant to be we shall be.

We started off on Thursday with a small session in front of the St. Peter and Paul, her family church.

Then it was time for the unbelievable wedding day.
venue: Beaulieu Gardens
catering: Paula LeDuc
dress: Lazaro


p.s. check out Robyn’s post of the same wedding…man she is good!

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